As a finance expert and consultant for businesses and individuals alike, Jason Spencer’s entrepreneurial spirit and intense drive to help others has laid the foundation for his latest venture Your Student Loan Relief Organization.

Jason Spencer founded Your Student Loan Relief Organization as a Federally Registered Non-Profit focused on helping single-mothers that are in occupations whose benefit to society is not fully represented by their pay. We do that by working with Programs created by both State & Federal Legislatures to significantly reduce monthly payment and, in many instances, forgive all, or at least part of our clients Federal Student Loans. And if we cannot find a way to utilize the tools available to get our clients payment to an affordable level we step in to cover the payments on their behalf.

Based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, Jason Spencer has served his community in various roles over the past few years. With nearly a decade of professional experience in Finance and Consultancy, Spencer’s specialty has become thinking outside the box, generating and adapting to great change in the economic climate, and staying abreast of the latest developments in debt, investment, and money management strategies.